SteeringCognition.Org is the principle global portal for the dissemination of research into the contribution of Steering Cognition to human society.

Steering Cognition has been researched since 2000, through a quantitative and qualitative research programme in the UK and internationally led by Dr Simon P. Walker. The programme has involved many researchers and more than 15,000 study participants from the ages of 8 to 65.

On this site you can find simple explanations of the key findings about Steering Cognition; what Steering Cognition is understood to contribute to human behaviour; how Steering Cognition was discovered using various research methods; the relevance and importance of Steering Cognition to society at large.

In addition,you will find information about the ongoing global Steering Cognition research programme, Measuring the Mind.

There are also links to some of the pioneering technologies which are being built and successfully used to improve the self-regulation of Steering Cognition in pupils in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

Steering Cognition is a cognitive function which regulates our attention and coordinates our corresponding social, emotional and cognitive responses. Evidence has shown that Steering Cognition regulates how we adjust between different emotional, social and cognitive tasks. Steering Cognition is central to what makes our brains different from machines and is part of how we remain mentally healthy as individuals and  mental health, and cohesive as a society.